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The way people choose brands is constantly shifting. In fact, the way consumers engage with media is different now than it was three years ago. Three months ago. Maybe, even three minutes ago. 

This leaves many brands looking for answers that aren't easy to find. When clients first call us, it’s often because the tactics they used to build their business simply aren’t working anymore.

At EGC, we develop new and unexpected ways for you to acquire customers. Think of us as a combination of entrepreneurs, consultants, artists, accountants, brainiacs, analysts and code whisperer's (as well as the nicest people you’ll ever meet). No other agency better understands the way the customer experience is changing – even as you read this.

We see new possibilities and get results from new places. We don’t aim for “a little better than last year.” We aim to "beat the pants off last year.” We're not shy about it. 

The tactics we use could be a campaign in a media channel you’ve never tried, messaging that’s based on a deep data dive, or ideas that go beyond ads. They might look like a new prospect, a new partnership, a new product idea, or a different reason for your customer to visit your site. To buy your product. To start talking to you. Liking, even loving, you more. 

To us, all the change happening today brings incredible opportunities to deploy unexpected solutions that lead to wins. Your wins.

If you want to hear more, stop by for a chat - we'll offer you a cold EGC craft beer and our legendary cheese puffs. Or, just contact us and drop your info into the handy form.

The EGC Management Team

Meet the leaders that motivate our 55+ team of brand planning, creative, social media, digital and search marketing specialists to excel every single day. Get to know them. You'll be glad you did.



What is CreateAthon? It's a 24 hour creative event to benefit charities most in need. It's the story of over 100 ad agencies from around the globe that have participated in an annual marathon creative event, donating talent to help nonprofits raise funds and awareness. More than 1,300 non-profits have been served, receiving nearly $17 million of agency work.

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