public relations/events

There’s a story behind every brand that goes beyond mere advertising. Sometimes it’s a product launch. Sometimes it’s a corporate sponsorship. Other times, it’s such exciting news that you simply need to get the word out. No matter what news you have to share, The EGC Group can help. Serving clients nationwide from New York to California, our public relations services and event management department will create the story of your brand. After that, we will connect you to media outlets that deliver your story to your audience.

EGC's Event and Sponsorship Management

At EGC, we recommend sponsorships and plan events that give companies a platform from which they can increase sales and achieve higher corporate visibility. Sponsorships can improve the bottom line of a company or brand by allowing the consumer’s mind to form a link between the sponsor and the sponsored event. This mental link can be used to win a larger share of the target market and retain it efficiently. This success can only come from the right "marketing and PR" services being put into place.

EGC's Pinpoint Public Relations Plan

At The EGC Group, we focus your image and reinforce your brand with public relations vehicles that create natural connections. The PR services of our advertising agency also monitor all media channels to seize timely, current events-driven opportunities. In addition, we take charge of your public relations events by developing themes, arranging speakers and locations, and developing custom support materials.

The public relations services of our New York-based advertising agency:

  • Strategic Communications and Editorial Development
  • Media Training
  • Press Conferences
  • Speaker Placements and Speech Writing
  • Trade Show Events
  • Community Relations Programs