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By partnering with CallFire™, EGC is able to provide voice and text messaging solutions to our clients, allowing them to instantly reach their customers. CallFire™'s unique services include group broadcasts, information hotlines, and multifaceted voice surveys.


The EGC Group is a Google™ Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). We received this accreditation after completing an application and interview process that demonstrated our proficiency in web analytics, reporting, conversion optimization and other web technologies.


EGC partnered with the digital marketing service, Webtrends™, to ensure that our clients are delivering relevant messages across all digital channels – web, social and mobile.




Omniture®, the web analytics and online marketing service owned by Adobe® Systems, is utilized by The EGC Group to provide our clients with paid search, segmentation, and web content recommendations.


Sysomos, the leading provider of social media software, is being utilized by EGC to monitor, analyze, engage and manage our clients' social media. By employing this software, EGC can provide clients with the intelligence and insight needed to make smarter business decisions.


Delivra is professional email software that provides both consultation and management and delivery services to help companies maximize their marketing efforts. This software offers editing assistance to create a custom message, a personal consultant to improve campaign efficiency, and a professional staff to manage an email marketing list.




DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google™, helps companies effectively create, manage and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns using a digital ad management platform. DoubleClick integrates solutions to help run holistic campaigns across multiple channels.


DoubleClick Search is a Google™-generated technology which enables users to manage all of their search campaigns in one place, allowing for easier campaign management and performance evaluation.


Theorem Analytics™ is a reporting and analytical service that allows our clients to reduce operation costs (including hardware and software installments), and gain valuable, actionable insight into their online advertising, search campaigns and similar marketing efforts.




As a Google™ AdWords Certified Partner, EGC proves itself as an expert in pay-per-click advertising and site-targeted advertising for text, banner and media-rich ads. This credential guarantees that your pay-per-click campaigns are executed using the industry's "best practices."


Wildfire, a division of Google™, is one of the world's largest social media marketing software that provides tools for social promotion, mobile and desktop page management, and real-time analytics. Wildfire helps plan, execute and optimize social advertisements, as well as create, schedule and manage social content across multiple social networks.


HubSpot's inbound marketing software offers EGC an all-in-one marketing solution; blogging, analytics, social media, email, automation & more.




EGC uses Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM) software & cloud computing from the leader in CRM solutions.


EGC uses Town Target to generate more revenue and visibility from their clients' existing marketing efforts. Town Target combines everything about a business into one profile enabling new customers to find the franchise, retail or service business easily by increasing reach, frequency and impressions.