Nicole Larrauri

Managing Partner

Describe your background:

After receiving my fine arts degree, I worked at several larger marketing agencies. It was a real eye-opener. I believe in the power of an agency our size that's digitally centric and accountable.

We’re more responsive, and dare I say smarter, than the other guys.

Charity affiliations and organizations?

Member of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization), Board Member of the ACIT, Board Member of Farmingdale’s Visual Arts Department and also Board Member of the Huntington Arts Council.

Also, the Game of Thrones Fan Club. 

How do you delight clients every day?

Treating their business, and their checkbook, as if it’s my own.

Describe your proudest career moment.

It's a recurring moment, each year, during our charity event, CreatAthon. The passion and energy that my team dedicates to deserving charities, it's heartwarming and profound and inspiring.

Most surprising fact about you?

I know almost every lyric of old school hip hop.

Oh, and one more, I'm an Iron Chef.

Or I hope to be. I'm in love with cooking, and if there was a worldwide-paella-making-contest I would have won already.



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