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    influencer marketing

    With a whopping 92% of people trusting recommendations from friends and family over other forms of marketing (Nielson Research), the EGC Group recognizes that online influencers are among the strongest decision drivers in marketing today. Influencers use their accounts to focus on a very specific niche. This niche could be a hobby, a lifestyle, or even loyalty to a brand or cause.

    Think of an influencer as a mutual friend connecting you to another person; in other words, your brand with your target audience. You trust your friend’s judgement, don’t you?

    At the EGC Group, our team creates influencer programs with your target audience’s online habits in mind. Together, we will we define campaign goals and develop a strategy driven by influencers on the appropriate platform(s).

    The days of battling with ever-changing social algorithms to share messages or launch new products are somewhat minimized by utilizing (and engaging with!) these already loyal, niche social audiences. These relationship activations will deliver shareable, engaging brand content directly to a growing group of your consumers.


    Discover ➔ Activate ➔ Reward ➔ Publish ➔ Engage ➔ Report


    The EGC Group provides complete influencer marketing services including:

    • Goal discovery
    • Influencer discovery and outreach
    • Influencer relationship building
    • Influencer program strategy, campaign development, and execution
    • Network engagement