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retail marketing

To succeed in this new era of retail, your brand not only needs to be found, it also needs to be relevant and social. Since 1990, the Retail Marketing Division of The EGC Group’s Long Island ad agency has helped its clients build well-connected brands by understanding both the consumer and the marketplace. Today’s consumers have a paralyzing amount of choices and EGC’s retail team provides the insight, ideas, and actions that motivate targeted customers to engage your brand. The results are: increased traffic, lower conversion costs, increased customer actions and sales as seen in our agency case studies.


Acquisition and Conversion services:

  • In-store and Online
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Pre- and Post-Purchase
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web Development

Measurement Reports:

  • ROI
  • SWOT Matrix
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Social Listening

featured case study



Canon USA had the opportunity for an interior and exterior retail installation at B&H, New York’s premier destination for advanced amateur and professional photographers.


EGC transformed the B&H spaces into a gallery-like setting which clearly communicated the Canon brand story. By using dramatic photos of New York City, interspersed with photos of Canon cameras, printers and video recorders, EGC created an engaging and thought-provoking art exhibition.


In the fifteen years that B&H has offered these display spaces to retailers, they have never seen such a positive reaction by customers and staff alike. The “exhibition” was noticed, commented on, and enjoyed.