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admissions marketing

The EGC Group’s Admissions Marketing Division understands the serious challenges that schools face in their recruitment efforts. Today, most schools have both admissions and marketing departments on campus, but find it difficult to stay current in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education. This has been further compounded by the changing perceptions of a new generation of students and the relentless evolution of social networking and digital technologies. The EGC Admissions Team has enrolled thousands of students on behalf of their clients.


Acquisition, Conversion and Enrollment services:

  • Students in seats
  • Lower cost per actions
  • Lower cost per enrolls
  • Increased lead flow
  • Media agnostic, performance budget planning
  • Lead recirculating conversion programs

Admissions analytics:

  • Conversion opportunities
  • Creative testing
  • Latency tracking

featured case study



Michigan was hit especially hard by the recent financial downturn. Dorsey Schools, a large vocational university near Detroit, asked EGC to help them turn the downturn in employment into an educational opportunity.


As a career school, Dorsey had an opportunity to help the unemployed, but needed to do so cost-effectively. Knowing that the first place the unemployed looked for new opportunities was online, EGC revamped Dorsey’s image by developing an engaging and content-rich website. This was followed by PPC and SEO programs to enhance Dorsey's ranking and the creation of an easy-to-use form that bypassed lengthy admissions paperwork to become the first prospect touch point.


Website traffic has seen an impressive increase since the online programs began. So has enrollment. The reputation of Dorsey Schools has also been raised, with students engaging on social media as “proud students” of Dorsey.