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Long Island’s Great South Bay is a designated estuary of unparalleled beauty and significance and it’s under grave threat. The main issue is water quality. For generations, the Great South Bay provided more than half of all clams consumed in the USA, and provided the first oysters exported to Europe by request of the Queen. Over the years, the Great South Bay has lost a significant percentage of its habitat, and shellfish population. Thousands of baymen once worked these waters, but today, are a rare site. The dramatic reduction collapsed the local industry and devastated neighboring communities that depend on the shellfish. 


With a mission to protect and improve Great South Bay, the Blue Point Brewing Company brewed “Drink The Bay Clean” India Pale Lager to support these efforts. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local environmental groups dedicated to revitalizing our beloved Great South Bay. So, with every sip you’ll be contributing to the health of our waters and metaphorically “Drinking The Bay Clean”.


Blue Point Brewing hired the EGC Group Craft Beverage Division to help with the promotion. EGC joined forces with Carleton Clothing founder and head designer Reid Carleton to help develop a handcrafted, Long Island nautical theme that he’s well known for. “The Great South Bay has always been a big part of my life. I think most people living on the south shore feel connected to it. A lot of my design ideas come from experiences on the water.” – Reid Carleton, Head Designer, Carleton Clothing EGC also brought client Hopsteiner into the mix, who donated a portion of the Calypso hops, and printer DWS Associates who helped with the beers labels. “Ninety-five percent of beer is water. All brewers know how important clean water is to them. The quality of our water will only be worse tomorrow, and that’s why the Bay needs our help . Clean water is worth fighting for.” – Mark Burford, Founder, Blue Point Brewing


Blue Point Brewing Company partnered with Save The Great South Bay, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit to support the newly-founded Save The Great South Bay Creek Defender Program. In addition to the charity beer, Blue Point Brewing hosted multiple, live events from Beach Clean-ups to Fundraiser Dinners to keep the mission thriving. Funds raised are being used for The Creek Defender Program and Local Stewardship, Save The Great South Bay’s Oyster Restoration Project, support of “I Love Long Island” efforts to move away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and Wastewater Infrastructure Education and Advocacy.



Blue Point Brewing Company - Drink the Bay Clean label

Final Beer Label: EGC joined forces with Reid Carleton of popular Carleton Clothing to help develop this handcrafted, Long Island nautical theme.

Beer label & Reid Carleton and Mark Burford

Stopping Power. Bold, colorful, easy to read beer label. / Reid Carleton and Mark Burford pose for a photo at the BPBC Boat Yard Event.

Drink The Bay Clean hat & collectible beer glass

Full color imprinted bill: the Carleton Drink The Bay Clean hat is a classic. / New Carleton Clothing collectible beer glass.