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You only get 140 characters to make your point in a tweet. You get 160 to introduce yourself in your bio. What kind of first impression are you making?

We decided to take a look inward and see how members of the EGC team write their bios. Here’s what we found:

@Peteshelly – Pretty good bio, except the photo is about three months old and the Penguins imploded shortly after it was taken… How embarrassing. We’ll dock some points for that. (But air hockey’s still cool, right?)

@Crosaschi – Newb. It’s blank! (In his defense, he did join just a few days ago because I told him to…)

@JackieAtEGC – If I rate this one highly, think Jackie’ll bring me cupcakes? Seriously though, interests outside of work are great. It shows that you won’t just be talking about the office.

@TothsTweets - #Humblebragcityyyy (Note to self: recruit Meg for the EGC trivia team!)

@AngelaAtEGC – Going with the keyword list here, which is a great approach. Descriptive without being too verbose; it’s exactly what Twitter’s about!

@ErnieAtEGC – Should be @Ernie*Is*EGC, amirite? (No, literally, he founded EGC in 1985. The name comes from his initials!). He starts out swinging, though: “President and CEO”. No mistaking who we’re talking to right off the bat. Then he goes to something you might not know: he’s a musician. Well, if he talks advertising and music, I’m definitely going to tune in!

@Nicole_Larrauri – Boom. Short and sweet. On the other hand, no cover photo, no background. Is the lack of customization an oversight, or was it left purposefully simple, like something Apple would make? Because Nicole’s my boss, I’m gonna go with the latter. Well done! Jony Ivy would be proud!

@Frozen2Late – A dinosaur/yoga enthusiast with tattoos and cats? Hit the follow button. Pretty sure this is going to be one of the more interesting follows you’ll find. Stephanie, if your feed turns out to be selfies and sandwich shots, we’ll all be disappointed. A+ bio!

@SteffiErika – Another bio that’s right on point. We EGCers a fairly efficient bunch, huh?

@JessAtEGC – Another of the keyword bios! Again, this is a great way to quickly show what you’re interested in, and what we can expect from following.

Soooooooo… Best twitter bio in the agency. Who’s it gonna be? (And bear in mind that I *absolutely* wouldn’t give Nicole or Ernie *any* free points because they’re in charge and I’d like some bonus points myself…)

[Drum rollllllllllll]


It’s got personality written all over it, which is what the game’s about on Twitter. And the custom background just adds to that!

So what can we take from this? How about a few best practices for writing your own Twitter bio:

-Personality rules. We want to follow people who will broaden our horizons and show us interesting things. If I wanted to follow people I already knew and agreed with, I’d probably find you on Facebook.

-Keywords are helpful to introduce yourself quickly. I know right off the bat whether we share the same interests and whether I think your tweets will be valuable to me.

-Show your expertise. Didjya notice nobody had “social media guru” in their profile? That’s because *telling* you I’m an expert isn’t nearly as good as *showing* you.

-Written By Pete Shelly, Content Developer