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     It starts here.

    Never before has a business changed as quickly as ours. The way we choose brands changes every day. The way we consume and react to media is different now than it was 3 years ago. Even 3 months ago. 

    This leaves many brands looking for answers. When clients first call us, it’s often because the tactics they used to build their business simply aren’t working any longer. 

    At EGC, we create opportunities for you to acquire customers in new ways. Think of us as a combination of entrepreneurs, consultants, artists, accountants, analysts and developers. Also the nicest people you’ll ever meet. No other agency better understands the way the customer experience is changing – even as you read this.

    That’s why we call ourselves the Opportunities Agency.  We see new possibilities and get results from new places. We don’t aim for “a little better than last year.” We think there’s an opportunity to do much more. 

    These opportunities could be a campaign in a media channel you’ve never tried, messaging that’s based on data, or ideas that go beyond ads. They might look like a new prospect, a new partnership, a new product idea, or a different reason for your customer to visit your site. To buy your product. To start talking to you. Liking, even loving, you more. 

    To us, all of the change happening today brings incredible opportunity, and these opportunities lead to wins. Your wins.

    If you want to hear more about the new opportunities that await you (or shall we say us), stop by for a taste of our craft beer and legendary cheese puffs, or just click the little button below and drop your info into the handy form.