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Born as a Long Island advertising agency (not previously known as an advertising hotbed), we quickly sprouted into a customer-centric inbound marketing agency with global reach. We combine data, insights and unbound creativity to get people loving, sharing, calling, clicking and buying more of our clients’ brands, more often.  Learn more

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The Five Pillars of Social Strategy: Energizing Brands in 2015

Many brands today recognize the need to have an active social presence, but many brands still don’t have a clear plan for how to create that presence and maintain it. And, perhaps surprisingly, some of the world’s biggest brands still don’t have any social presence at all. Luxury brands, for example, tend to still be absent from social media, although some are now saying they’re looking to enter. Even technology giant Apple has only very recently warmed to social media, when it bought Twitter ads for its smartwatch launch in March 2015 to prevent competitors from hijacking the social conversation.

While the focus of much social media conversation has been on engagement and community growth, it’s becoming clear that it’s not enough gain post and page likes. Brands need to energize their fans. The ROI of social is something still a hot topic many debate and discuss. But we find energized fans are fans more likely to offer that ROI in social as customers and brand loyalists who bring in new customers.

So how do you get started? Our social media marketing team  has put together this guide to help your brand approach creating a social strategy and increasing the effectiveness of your social efforts.

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